Past #socialdistancing…

How’s #socialdistancing working for you? I remember when the only social distancing I did was each day at 1:00 when I’d put my kids down for a nap and watch my soap opera. That was Social Distancing at its FINEST! MY soap opera was All My Children, so that I could watch Silver Kane and her sister Erica Kane. It was my guilty pleasure!

How exciting that Deborah Goodrich Royce, the actress who enlivened Silver Kane on television has yet another outlet for her artistic craft: She authored Finding Mrs. Ford, her debut novel. Thank you @suzyapprovedbooktours for bringing me on this tour!

I am not the only one noticing Deborah’s hot first book. Check this out:
Named one of the five must-read summer mysteries for 2019 by
Named one of the top ten summer reads of 2019 by Good Morning America.
Named one of the top fifty summer books of 2019 by Book Riot.

The book begins in 2014 in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, where very privileged Susan Ford lives in one of her homes. From there we flash back to 1979 suburban Detroit where twenty something Susan had her beginnings. There’s just one thing that seems off, Susan‘s past doesn’t seem to jive with her present. Why is this? What is Susan hiding? Who is the handsome Chaldean Sammy Fakhouri? When the FBI showed up on Susan’s doorstep with questions; I wanted to hear the answers too. There was no way I could put the book down then!

The alternating timelines, twists and turns, and interesting characters made this a mystery I quickly devoured.

Thank you Post Hill Press, Deborah Royce, and Suzy Approved Book tours for my copy of the book.

Own your past or your past will own you.

Have you ever watched a daytime television soap opera? These days I don’t watch soap operas; are they even around anymore? What are you binge watching latel

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