The Hollows

Give me a story with women characters who are independent, strong and determined, and I’m all in! The Hollows provides this and so much more. It’s the second book in the Kinship Series by Jess Montgomery, but can easily be read as a standalone.

Do you enjoy sassy women characters?

In 1926 Sheriff Lily Ross is called to the scene when an elderly woman is found dead along the railroad track in the Moonvale Tunnel. Who is she? Did she die by suicide or was she murdered? Who is the mysterious ghost-like woman people are seeing near the tunnel? Lily is tasked with finding the answers.

She enlists her friends Hildy and Marvena to help her solve the mystery. The story is told from alternating points of view between Lily and Hildy. I loved Lily and her resolve to prove herself worthy of fulfilling the previous sheriff’s position, who happened to be her husband who was murdered in the previous book. I enjoyed the author using language consistent with the time period.

As Lily solves the case, tough issues are woven into the story, i.e., sexism, racism, the Underground railroad, WKKK (Women’s KKK— I didn’t know this existed!) and prohibition. The book was thoroughly researched. I don’t read many historical mysteries, and since I enjoyed this one, I’m looking forward to seeing what Jess Montgomery has in store for us in Kinship Series #3!

Do you enjoy sassy women characters as much as I do? How about historical fiction?

Women can do every job men do!

Thank you TLC Book Tours, Jess Montgomery, and Minotaur Books for my gifted copy!

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