If You Want to Make God Laugh

This  beautiful, heartbreaking, and powerful book  is set in Johannesburg, South Africa during the 1990’s when Nelson Mandela became president, and the AIDS epidemic was at an all time high. It’s the story of three women bound together by their love of a day-old baby boy left on a doorstep. I listened to the audiobook; there are 3 narrators who read Ruth, Delilah, and Zodwa’s parts, and the narration is fantastic! 

I loved Ruth, Delilah, and Zodwa!

I loved hearing how the women endured and overcame many obstacles. I didn’t know much about apartheid going into this book and was able to gather more insight.  Bianca Marais deals with issues such as rape, AIDS, homophobia, teenage pregnancy, religion and racism. I highly recommend this book! 


Don’t let past secrets keep you captive. 


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