Carrie Fisher: A Life on the Edge

A long time ago in a Hollywood far, far away…

A baby girl was born to the ultra-beautiful, talented and successful singer, dancer, and actress Debbie Reynolds and the dangerously handsome singing genius Eddie Fisher.  This baby girl never had a shot at a regular childhood and life like you and me.  The girl, of course is Carrie Fisher.  Sheila Weller’s latest book is Carrie Fisher:  A Life on the Edge and it is a masterful telling of Fisher’s life.  

I have a new appreciation for Carrie after reading this book.

Early in the book I watched the documentary, Wishful Drinking, written and performed by Carrie Fisher, hoping there wouldn’t be too many book plot spoilers, and this was no problem because the author weaves such a complete and detailed tapestry of Fisher’s life.  

Weller’s book goes deep and describes Carrie growing up in the shadow of “Hollywood-royalty” parents and her ongoing relationship with them, her own relationships and marriages, all while battling bipolar-disorder and drug addiction.  Going into the book, I knew that Carrie and her mother had a special relationship and thanks to Weller’s research and writing, I better understand the depth of the riches mother and daughter shared.

Most are familiar with Fisher’s own professional Hollywood success, as well as authoring several books and nearly everyone has been touched in some way by watching Carrie Fisher in her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies; wait until you read A Life on the Edge and see the impact she had on the musicians, movie and television celebrities, politicians, and the people like you and me that she interacted with throughout her life.  

May the force be with you…And may you get caught up in the force of Carrie Fisher’s life as you enjoy this stellar read.

QOTD: How would your life be different if you had starred in Star Wars when you were 19 years old?

NUGGET GAINED:  Being famous doesn’t look very easy.

Thank you to http://suzy approved book tours, http://sheila weller and http://farer, straus, and giroux for my copy of the book!

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