Lake Season

Thank you @tlcbooktours, @denisehunter, and @thomasnelson for the opportunity to review Lake Season, a romance by Denise Hunter, that I loved! 

Yesterday was a glorious day to read by the water!

Molly and her two siblings have lost their parents in a tragic accident. Before they died, they had dreams of turning their historic home in the Blue Ridge Mountains into an inn. The three grown children decide to  make their parents’ dream a reality. While working on  the Bluebell Inn, Adam Bradford (aka Nathaniel Grey) arrives at the door. Nathaniel is a famous author who has been successful in remaining anonymous. Molly has read all of Nathaniel’s books; they happen to be her favorites! 

After Molly finds a secret letter in the wall of the inn, she and Adam work together to find the writer and the person to whom the letter is addressed. Molly can’t stop searching and Adam is caught up with helping Molly. I will end there, so as not to spoil it for you. 

The discussion of books and libraries made this book a page turner for me. I could imagine Molly being my friend on Bookstagram! The book is laid out in a then and now fashion, which I enjoy. It’s a delightful romance with a bit of mystery thrown in. While Lake Season is written with Christian people in mind, it doesn’t come across as preachy, and people of all faiths (or no particular spirituality) will enjoy. If you like clean romance, you’ll love this book! 

QOTD: If you could have any living author stay as your houseguest overnight, who would it be?


Don’t let your insecurities come between you and the people you love. 

Side note: My superhero muffins (see link below) are featured here in honor of Miss Della, the cook at the Inn who always had her muffins ready.

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