When anxiety interferes with joy…

We had a wonderful time in Asheville last week! The colors were not quite as vibrant as we’d hoped they’d be, but it was still gorgeous, and it was wonderful to get out of Florida and experience the cooler temperatures. 

This morning as I was scrolling through what seems like hundreds of pictures, I began reflecting upon our hot air balloon ride. The ride was first scheduled for Wednesday morning, but due to weather, it was rescheduled for Friday morning. Early Thursday morning, I began experiencing anxiety about the flight. I’ve also had a respiratory issue that I’ve been worried about as well. I only slept 3 hours on Thursday. 

Early morning in Candler, NC

My fear was causing me to only focus on what could happen if something went awry. What if the pilot became incapacitated, the balloon had a whole in it, we ran out of gas, we hit a power line, or an angry shotgun totin’ farmer who doesn’t want us to land in his pasture shoots at us! All of this, and I’m not even afraid of heights! In addition, I was fearful about being able to breathe once we were in the air. 

I now realize I had a major case of tunnel vision. I was only focused on the balloon ride and what could go wrong. When we finally made it to the launch site, and I saw that the pilot appeared physically and mentally competent, and the flight staff looked like they had it under control, I gained hope that all would be ok. Once in the air, it was calm and peaceful, and there was no room for fear! We could see the beautiful country side and the colors of the trees as far as our eyes could see. The colors were more dynamic from the sky. Our world is such a beautiful place! My fears were relieved, and I was able to enjoy the ride. I’m grateful we didn’t back out due to the anxiety I felt! How sad that would have been. Hopefully, the next time I can only focus on what could go wrong with a situation I’m facing, I’ll look back and remember my balloon ride. 

The view from “down under”
Absolutely gorgeous! How grateful I am, my anxiety didn’t stop us!

QOTD: Do you struggle with this type of tunnel vision or anxiety? If so, how do you break through and see the big picture? 


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