About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog, Carey Loves…

I’m an Aberdeen, Scotland based lover of all things food, from kale to cake, and fitness, with a particular love for for strength training.  I’m a wife, dog-Mum to our Cocker Spaniel, Milo and soon to be human-Mum currently navigating the exciting path of pregnancy!

If you are looking for yummy food ideas, pregnancy tales, cute doggy pictures (well, one dog in particular!)  and the occasional plug for my favourite films, podcasts, books & products, this is the blog for you!

I will also be sharing some views and advice on fitness and nutrition related topics, something I have a growing interest in and am constantly learning more about since discovering strength training a few years ago and now moving towards intuitive eating and away from restriction and diet mentality.       

I started this blog to as a way to satisfy a sudden need to be creative, something that came as a complete surprise to me as I didn’t think I had a creative bone in my body! Basically, I just wanted to write and share and learn, whether for myself or for others.

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