25 Week Pregnancy Update

Week on week during this pregnancy, especially in the second trimester, I haven’t felt like much has changed, both physically or mentally.  However, that seems to have turned on its heard the last 3-4 weeks so I thought it would be a good time to write a pregnancy update!

25 week bump!


One of the main changes over the last few weeks is the arrival of the dreaded indigestion.  This hit me worst over Christmas when I found it difficult to exercise the “eat little and often” mantra with so much delicious food put in front of me!  Overeating left me feeling bloated, out of breath and just huge!  Luckily I haven’t really experienced heart burn yet which I hear can be awful so fingers crossed it stays away.  I seem to have this more under control now, making sure I eat slowly so that I can recognise when I’m full but I still have the occasional slip up.  On the plus side, more often that not there are now leftovers after dinner so that keeps me sorted with lunches for the rest of the week!

The other main thing I’ve noticed is how out of breath I get, primarily when walking up stairs or hills.  The research tells me this is normal and is caused by everything being “pushed up” by the baby.  As someone who tries to stay as fit as possible, this is taking a bit of getting used to but with 15 weeks still to go I better be prepared for it to get worse.

I’m also starting to feel like I have a future football star growing in my belly.  The little one has been levelling some serious kicks recently and I have to say it is the most amazing feeling.  At night when he is particularly active, we can actually see my stomach move which is just crazy to me!  It is very much a blink and you will miss it situation at times though.  We have even started playing music to try and coax some movement out of him – he seems to be a big fan of Fleetwood Mac & David Bowie!


One major change recently is that I seemed to have developed a slight aversion to meat, particularly red meat.  However, I think this could be a combination of my craving for vegetables increasing and the fact that I recently watched Cowspiracy (this is likely the main cause but you never know, I could be growing a future veggie inside me!)  I have eaten meat-free 3 days this past week which is a lot for me and I have really enjoyed it and feel better for it.  I will make a separate post  on vegetarianism/veganism and my views soon.

Other than that, there haven’t been too many changes on the food front.  The sugar cravings and my daily chocolate indulgence continue.


Things have  changed quite a lot in this area recently.  I am definitely noticing a decrease in my strength when I’m lifting and I am sore after almost every lifting session which means I am now doing around 3 a week instead of 4-5.  I think the main change here though is psychological.  As part of my interest and research in intuitive eating, I have been exposed to talk about intuitive exercise too and I think now is the perfect time for me to introduce this.  Instead of planning exactly what I’m going to do every day, I just see what my body is craving. That may be weights, yoga, a cardio session, maybe just a walk.  I used to get very stressed out if I didn’t do a certain number of weights sessions a week but now if I don’t feel like doing any, I won’t.  It has been very liberating and just what I need at this point in my pregnancy,

Body Image

In my last pregnancy update, I mentioned that I had been struggling a little with body image and I still am to a certain extent but in a slightly different way.  I have fully accepted my growing belly now and actually love it (except at night when indigestion rears its head and my belly balloons to uncomfortable levels!).  This has been helped by the fact that most of the weight seems to be going to my bump – don’t get me wrong, I know it would be ok if this wasn’t the case but I feel more comfortable this way.

However, I am having issues with finding decent maternity clothes.  I just find the fit can be very unflattering and strange and have yet to find anything that I like except for my maternity jeans from H&M which have been a complete life saver.  Work clothes are causing the biggest amount of stress and I’m adding clothes to the “post pregnancy” pile almost daily.  ASOS seem to have a big selection so that will be my next port of call – I just want some cute maternity clothes!  Is that too much to ask?!

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  1. Gilly went off pork and she LOVES pork, so I wouldn’t worry.
    The cats tinned food (fish varieties) made her want to be sick, so I had to change to the meat ones for months. On Sunday we returned to being able to buy the fish ones

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