Recent Eats

Just popping in with some recent eats today.  Hopefully it will give you some recipe or restaurant choice inspiration!

Chilli con carne
Chilli con carne with loaded cheese nachos!

Friday night was time for chilli, Nicky cooked up some leftovers with some white rice and the cheesiest nachos ever! Sooo bad but sooo good!

M&S Sandwich

Good ol prawn cocktail McCoys to accompany my fancy sandwich

I was feeling lazy on Saturday lunchtime so it had to be a shop bought sandwich, but not just any shop bought sandwich…an M&S sandwich.  I love their selection of sandwiches and salads for lunch and they do some great veggie and plant based options which I am trying to incorporate more of into my diet.

Appetisers at Wagamamas


Yaki Udon
Yaki Udon at Wagamamas


Saturday night was date night and we decided to spend the Wagamama vouchers we received for Christmas, can’t beat a free meal!  For starters we shared our usual pulled pork gyozas and tried the salt and chilli squid for the first time – we will definitely be having that again!  Just enough heat and lots of flavour.  I opted for the trusty Yaki Udon for my main, all washed down with a yummy fresh fruit juice.

Red pesto chicken, roasted brussels, sweet potato & carrot & hummus

I’m loving making big bowls of health for lunch at the moment, filled with roasted veggies.  I’m so lucky that I’ve been craving healthy foods during pregnancy.  This bowl was one of the best ones I’ve had in a while.  Lots of leftovers for weekly lunches too….

Meal Prep
Meal prep meal – salmon with leftover veggies & hummus

Back on the meal prep train for work this week, it is so easy to just cook vegetables & protein in bulk on a Sunday and that is you sorted for the week!

Veggie Spag Bol – lentils, carrots, onion, spinach, tomato

As I mentioned, I’ve recently been making efforts to cut back on my meat consumption, partly to do my part for the environment but also to make sure that my meals aren’t focused on meat and to encourage me to eat more fruit and vegetables.  This veggie spag bol using lentils instead of mince is a great meat-free alternative.

Haggis jacket potato for me, chilli for my Mum. And an amazing Oreo cake!

Finally, I hit up one of my favourite lunch spots this past week, SO.  They do amazing jacket potatoes with the crispiest, salty skin and a great choice of fillings.  My Mum and I also shared this Oreo cake, I’m all about cakes these days and this was one of the best I’ve had in a while.  Really recommend this place to anyone looking for a convenient but tasty lunch spot in Aberdeen.

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