My Favourite Podcast Shows

I love podcasts!  I listen to them when I’m driving, cleaning, walking the dog…basically anytime I’m doing something rather boring and need a distraction.

I first discovered podcasts when I heard about “Serial”, the show discussing the real-life case of a teenager convicted of killing his girlfriend, despite protesting his innocence.  I was hooked and listened to almost the whole series on a 6 hour train journey.

Since discovering podcasts, my tastes have changed.  I used to listen exclusively to fitness shows but now also include food, general health, intuitive eating and occasionally business podcasts.  They are a great way to learn about a whole host of topics without it having too much impact on your time, it is amazing what you can absorb when you are sitting in traffic!

So here are my five faves, note these are current as I am discovering new podcasts all the time and my favourites change every week, in no particular order:

1. Don’t Salt My Game


This podcast is presented by Laura Thomas, a nutritionist specialising in intuitive eating practices and non-diet nutrition, something I have tried to embrace lately.  I love Laura’s no bullshit attitude towards nutrition and her disdain for diet culture.  Her weekly guests tend to be dietitians and other figures from the non-diet world discussing topics centred around intuitive eating and health at every size.

I recommend this podcast for anyone who is sick of dieting and diet culture and is looking for a fresh approach towards nutrition and health, it is very eye opening!

2. Bucci Radio


I first started following Amanda Bucci on Youtube and Instagram when she was a bikini fitness competitor.  Although I have never had an interest in competing in a bodybuilding show, I am fascinated by the process of prepping for one and I enjoyed her mix of lifestyle and informative fitness and nutrition videos.

Since her last bikini show, Amanda’s online content has changed quite dramatically to focus on a more intuitive approach to both nutrition and fitness and with a greater emphasis on business as she pursues her own entrepreneurship ventures.  This change has also been reflected in her podcast and she now includes guests from the worlds of business and entrepreneurship as well as fitness and nutrition.  A lot of this information is really aimed at those starting their own business but it is interesting to hear where people came from and how they have built their businesses up.

3. Food for Fitness


Food for Fitness is hosted by Aberdeen based trainer Scott Baptie and every week he hosts a guest from the world of health and fitness including some big names in the industry such as Alan Aragon and Eric Helms.

The reason I like this podcast so much is that there is no bias in guest choices and topics discussed – whether its Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Keto diet, Vegan diet, flexible dieting – nothing is off the table.  Everything is kept relatively basic and straight forward too, it isn’t full of scientific jargon that only those with a Phd can understand which makes it a great listen for anyone.

There haven’t been any new episodes posted in quite a few months now but there is a massive backlog of episodes to work through and this one can be quite an addictive listen, if you are interested in these subjects of course!

4. Mark Bell’s Powercast


Mark Bell is a powerlifter and fitness entrepreneur, inventor of the Slingshot and owner of Super Training Gym.  His podcast features guests from the worlds of fitness, entertainment and business.  Some of my favourites from this year were with Steve (Stone Cold) Austin, Brian Shaw (former World’s Strongest Man) and Jacob Ross (trainer to the NBA stars.)

The reason I love this podcast is despite the fact that the episodes do have structure and specific topics of discussion, most of the time it feels like you are just listening to a conversation between a bunch of people, it is very laid back and not forced.  There is also a great deal of humour in this show and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Occasionally Mark and his co-host will do Q&A sessions or just turn on the recorder when they are sitting having a random discussion about something.  Despite the varied guests, the conversation is primarily focused on strength training and I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in this topic. There is a vast backlog of episodes with new ones every week so another ideal one for binge listening.

5. Talking Tastebuds


This podcast is still quite a new find for me so I have only listened to a few episodes but loving it so far!  It is hosted by Venetia Falconer, a television presenter, blogger and vlogger.  The focus of this podcast is one of my favourite things – food!! Venitia interviews guests about their relationship with food and their favourite dishes, starting off each episode with a very important question, “what did you have for breakfast?.”  Other topics include food and childhood, essential ingredients and death-row dinners!

The guests are mainly from the world of social media and business with those subjects being touched on throughout.  My favourite episode so far featured one of the founders of Hello Fresh and I loved hearing about the roots of the business and how it has grown to become such an important player in the food world.

Definitely one for foodies!



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